Algarrobico hotel painted black by Greenpeace

The Algarrobico hotel is being painted black today by over a hundred Greenpeace activists who turned up unannounced early this morning.

Greenpeace say it’s the largest combined operation ever undertaken by volunteers in Spain, showing the depth of feeling from across all layers of Spanish society against this corrupt urban speculation that has blighted the country.

“El Algarrobico is an international sign of the impunity under which corruption allowed the destruction of the Spanish coast” said Greenpeace. “Today we are painting the “black spot” on the hotel, to show it’s time is up, as is that of these corrupt practises which seem to go unpunished”.


3 Replies to “Algarrobico hotel painted black by Greenpeace”

  1. I hope the G.C. arrest them and jail them for years as an example to their kind every where.

  2. Don’t blame the builders – blame the developer, the PSOE in Carboneras(especially Cristobal) and blame the insider in Sevilla who change the map (accidentally!)

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