Groupers find new home in Roquetas Aquarium

The Mediterranean grouper (mero in Spanish*) is a protected species, as we’ve eaten most of them, and so scientists receive EU money to try to breed the little buggers. Trouble is, sometimes the programme doesn’t work, and what to do then with 20 massive fish weighing up to 24 kg each? Eat them would be the obvious answer, but again, they’re protected.

12th century Virgin Mary found in ancient church

Utande is a tiny hamlet of just 16 people in Guadalajara. An ancient hamlet, with an ancient church. And father & son team Salvador Taberno, both professional builders, were carrying out some volunteer repair work at the church when they discovered a false wall. Breaking it down, behind it, they discovered the most perfectly preserved 12th century Virgin Mary ever found.

Algarrobico hotel painted black by Greenpeace

The Algarrobico hotel is being painted black today by over a hundred Greenpeace activists who turned up unannounced early this morning. Greenpeace say it’s the largest combined operation ever undertaken by volunteers in Spain, showing the depth of feeling from across all layers of Spanish society against this corrupt urban speculation that has blighted the country. “El Algarrobico is an international sign of the impunity under which corruption allowed the destruction of the Spanish coast” Continue reading Algarrobico hotel painted black by Greenpeace

Older rail lines are “in a dangerous state” warns ADIF

120 million euros is needed this year to maintain Spain’s older railway lines to a minimum state warns a leaked document from the railway operator ADIF. The trouble is that so many resources are diverted to the high speed lines and the commuter lines, that the secondary lines are falling apart. As anyone who’s travelled on the Almería line can testify.

Madrid wants cars out of its city centre

They´re planning to put a speed trap in every tree and a camera on every red light, it seems. Don’t expect Jeremy Clarkson to make a visit any time soon. In order to continue enjoying her relaxing cup of cafe con leche in the Plaza Mayor, Mayor Botella wants to cut personal car use in the city centre by 23% this year, and almost eradicate it by 2020.