Junta says Gibraltar controls worse for Spain than for Gib

The Junta’s Presidency department has finally twigged on that these Franco style border checks at Gib frontier are causing greater harm to the Spanish economy than to Gib’s.

Susana Diaz’s spokeperson admits that the livelihood of some 7000 local in La Linea is being affected by the border control, and the proposal to erect a second barrier will make the situation even worse.

La Linea may not be the worse town in Spain, but it’s up in the top 10, and the sole source of income there are either jobs in Gib, or the baccy smugglers stopping off for a cheap menu del dia before crossing the border.

Anyway, the Junta has called for an urgent meeting of the Mesa de Trabajo por Gibraltar to discuss if the second barrier is really necessary.

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