Almanzora motorway works to restart this month and be finished in a year

The Junta has announced that work on the Almanzora motorway will restart “in May”, although they didn’t give a date, and will finish by March 2015.

Work on the motorway stopped in 2012 during la crisis and since then the motorway has been sitting, half built and mouldering, under the hot sun.

85 % of the motorway has been finished, with just 8,7 km to be done.

However, there is no news on when the millions promised by the EU to connect the motorway to the A7 will turn up. €78.3 million need to be found to finish the works, of which €62.68 million come from EU FEDER funds and the rest from the Junta’s coffers.

The Junta has stumped up €6.8 million euros to finish off the final 8.7 Km, which will employ 85 people. The work should have started before Easter, but the construction companies behind the works had closed down and it was a hassle getting them back up and running.

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