Almanzora motorway works to restart this month and be finished in a year

The Junta has announced that work on the Almanzora motorway will restart “in May”, although they didn’t give a date, and will finish by March 2015. Work on the motorway stopped in 2012 during la crisis and since then the motorway has been sitting, half built and mouldering, under the hot sun. 85 % of the motorway has been finished, with just 8,7 km to be done.

Chap in Nijar spotted cycling with a watermelon on his head

Mojaqueras eat your heart out – for sheer control and balance on something on your head, this bloke in Nijar takes the biscuit. Local newspaper reports that the video was sent in by some readers after they spotted the man cycling down the main Nijar road. Carefully evading the potholes and speed bumps as he sped along.

Spain facing malaria risk in the near future

A changing climate and invasion of stronger types of African mosquitoes means that malaria could return to Spain within the next decade, says the National Health Ministry, which is evaluating the risk of the plague carrying mosquito returning for good to Spain. Spain sees a couple of hundred malaria cases a year, but almost all of them are contracted abroad and break out upon the tourists return to Spain. Malaria was officially eradicated in Spain Continue reading Spain facing malaria risk in the near future