Local gang preying on OAP’s nabbed

A gang of youth preying on OAP’s, mainly elderly women in Vera and Cuevas, have been arrested.

Five men ageing from between 16 to 31 have been arrested by the Guardia Civil, living in Arboleas and Zurgena.

They would travel down to Cuevas or Vera to either mug OAP’s, or snatch their bags.

The group of youths seemed to be controlled by gang leader BMM, a local man from Zurgena, who would order the snatches and then fence the goods on.

Several OAP’s have needed medical attention after being thrown to the ground after their bags were stolen by the youths on motorbikes.

Police have been closing in on the gang for the last few weeks and the final arrests were made over the Easter weekend as the proceeds of the latest robbery were handed over to the fence in Zurgena.

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