“Clown and coaching with horses” comes to Los Gallardos this weekend

A workshop entitled Clown y coaching con caballos is taking place in Los Gallardos, which aims to help people “break out” from their shyness and develop a sense of self-worth.

It’s taking place at the finca of the Equiessence Association in Los Gallardos, from the 1st to the 4th of May.

Susana Salamanca, one of the organisers, says it’s all about teaching people to communicate more efficiently, and verbalise their emotions. The programme is based on a successful US one that’s been on tour since 2008.

Although the horses are present all the way through the therapy, you won’t be allowed to ride one. Instead, it seems you have to interact with the horse. Susana explains that horses react very well to human body language, much better than dogs or cats, meaning they are ideal to bounce your body language off.

Equiessence is a coaching company unique in the province which works with many large German companies to offer coaching and onsite training with horses here in Almería.

More info on www.equiessens.com  or calling 699074825.

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