Tito Vilanova has died

Tito Vilanova, the ex-coach of FC Barcelona, has died at the age of 45 from cancer.

Francisco ‘Tito’ Vilanova Bayo (Bellcaire d’Empordà, 17-9-1968 – Barcelona, 4-25-2014) was a star who was widely celebrated in Spain, and across the world, for his dedication to his club, and his unique training methods that help propel barça to its status as the worlds foremost football team. He worked for the club for his entire working life, over 30 years in the team.

The announcement was made this afternoon by his club.

Tito announced in November 2011 that he was suffering from cancer of the parotid glands, and underwent a major operation later that year.

In 2012, he returned to the club, but only eight months later, had to leave to undergo another operation for the same cancer.

He continued to oversee coaching from afar as he underwent operations both in Barcelona and in New York, but the cancer was finally inoperable. In July of this year he resigned fully to fight it.

But in the end, the cancer overcame him and he passed away today.

One Reply to “Tito Vilanova has died”

  1. Francesc ‘Tito’ Vilanova i Bayó
    (For Football Coach Tito Vilanova, FC Barcelona
    September 17, 1968-April 25, 2014)

    For a season I watched you on the sidelines,
    I felt I was on the sideline with you in Barcelona,
    The television screen seemed to burst out
    with your players with their tactical flourishes—
    the Tiki-taka movements like quick sallies
    on the grassy, green pitch,
    You had that look on your lean Catalan face,
    The eagle eye of a great coach for the ages…
    Then your untimely death, you so young and brave,
    You are my beacon in the beautiful game,
    Fútbol is the courageous game—
    Your life an immortal shout in the sunlight.

    Luis Lázaro Tijerina, Burlington, VT

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