Almanzora motorway money goes to Jaén

The Junta de Andalucía had promised that works on the Almanzora motorway through Albox would restart by Easter.

Well, as ideal newspaper points out today, we’re past Easter and still no sign of any workers. Nor has the Ministry responded to questions on timescales.

However, a motorway in a similar situation, called the autovía del olivar in Jaén, on which works stopped two years ago, today saw the return of workers, after the EU stumped up €50 million to finish the motorway.

12.5 KM of motorway remain to be finished, costing about €41 million euros, plus the final connections. An almost identical state to that of the Almanzora motorway. Except that the 12.5KM of Jaén motorway hasn’t had any work done on it whatsoever, and the Albox motorway is half built along its entire route, and has been mouldering under the sun for the last few years.

Ideal is asking why this EU money went to Jaén and not to the Almanzora, when the Almanzora motorway is more critical and has been waiting longer.

They’re also asking where the €60 million in EU money promised last year to finish the Albox bypass and the connection with the main A7 motorway will arrive. No news on that either.

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