5000 year old cave painting destroyed in Jaen

“Los Escolares” is a small cave, so called because it was discovered in 1973 by a bunch of schoolkids on an outing.

The kids, venturing into this 1,5 metre square cave in Santa Elena (Jaen), were amazed to find an intact 5,000 year old cave painting at the back of the cave.

The painting was later classified as an artefact worthy of being part of “history of humanity” by UNESCO, but it’s never been sealed off or properly protected.

Anyway, sometime over the Easter holiday, it seems someone went in with a pickaxe to try to steal the painting, but only succeeded in shattering it beyond repair.

The painting appeared to be of a humanised swallow, and is -was- of great interest to archaeologists due to its unique form.

The Guardia Civil are investigating.

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