Sorbas fire appears out of control


There’s a large fire spreading over sorbas towards the mountains.
We sat about 600 metres away from nearest fire and watched the line of fire rush up and over mountains. 4 separate fires, some distance apart then joined up. Two helicopters on scene not achieving much. Every now and again a gust of really black smoke went up – could have been building or olive tree. On way home met a very belated convoy of Junta vans with beating brushes. High winds continue.




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  1. I just took the dogs out…. 10pm… can see the glow from up in our mountains in Taberno. Looks like they haven’t got it under control yet.

  2. You can clearly see the glow from Turre , the clouds even are reflecting the fire. Must be pretty bad.

  3. Here in Cortijo Grande we can see the strong red glow in the sky and the smell of burning is in the air. Hope it is soon contained and no one is hurt.

  4. We live on Mojacar Playa, and we could clearly see the red glow above the hills earlier, but it seems to be clearing now, so hopefully they are managing to get the fire under control.

  5. I’ve just been checking for signs of the fire from Mojacar Playa, and we can again see a red glow, the smoke seems to be blowing southwards away from Mojacar Pueblo.

  6. Is there anyone in the Cortijo Cabrera communities that any has comments/observations about the fires and perhaps their effects in Cabrera?
    Cheers….. Len (Cortijo Cabreara, Alcazaba )

  7. The fires have not touched Cabrera (21st 0946cet). There is a haze of smoke behinding the pine forest ridge in the distance and the is a smell of burnt wood in the air. That’s is currently….

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