Vera chap nabbed for pinching 50 KM of irrigation piping

A chappie from Vera, 43 year old J.A.M.C., has had his collar felt by the Guardia after being discovered in possession of 50 KILOMETRES of stolen irrigation piping.

J.A.M.C. found the piping unattended on a Cuevas farm over the weekend and loaded it onto the back of his lorry. Well, several lorry loads I should think.

So that’s what 50 km of irrigation piping looks like.

He aroused the suspicion the Guardia after he was spotted going round local farms asking if they wanted to buy his irrigating piping.

La Voz notes that this is sufficient for 40 ha of farmland, and that J.A. is an old hand at this sort of petty larceny. The value of the piping was noted at €3000.

ROCA, the agricultural theft wing of the Guardia C, has a pat on the head.

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