Valencia FC ex-owner arrested for KIDNAPPING owner of Valencia FC over 85 MILLION EURO debt

Never a dull moment – it emerges today that ex-President of Valencia football club Juan Soler has been arrested for hiring Eastern European mercenaries to kidnap another ex-President of the same football club, Vicente Soriano. Soriano bought a huge whack of Valencia FC shares off Soler in 2009 for 85 million euros. But when Soler went to cash the cheque, it bounced sky high.

Marta bones probably over a century old

Forensics are back on the bones found whilst digging for Marta del Castillo’s body in Seville (see yesterdays entry here), and the police reckon they’re between 100 and 200 years old. Bones from several different bodies were found all jumbled up together. The Police say they suspect someone probably came across the bones whilst on a building site and took them down to the tip under cover of night to prevent work being halted. The Continue reading Marta bones probably over a century old

Vera chap nabbed for pinching 50 KM of irrigation piping

A chappie from Vera, 43 year old J.A.M.C., has had his collar felt by the Guardia after being discovered in possession of 50 KILOMETRES of stolen irrigation piping. J.A.M.C. found the piping unattended on a Cuevas farm over the weekend and loaded it onto the back of his lorry. Well, several lorry loads I should think. He aroused the suspicion the Guardia after he was spotted going round local farms asking if they wanted to Continue reading Vera chap nabbed for pinching 50 KM of irrigation piping