Richard Shanley gets into La Voz de Almeria as it covers the great BBC switchoff

Richard Shanley off Spectrum FM graces today’s La Voz de Almería in his alternate guise as sat tv engineer and owner of Europa Digital. He also, I note, supplied the pictures that went with the article, one of which I nicked for the header of this article. Can someone tell me why a bike is being hosted aloft in the far left corner?

The main paper of the province covered his recently “all your TV questions answered” session at Pueblo Laguna with great interest, taking time to explain to the locals why the mad guiris are all installing 3m satellite dishes. All visitors were met with a lovely tapa said the surprised reporter. (I’m told it was an informative and interesting session, by the way).

And “Anthonny Cooper” of ABC Satellite in Turre tells La Voz he’s signed 40 installation contracts in a week.

La Voz gleefully tells of the “betrayal” by the “famous and powerful BBC” which has left local expats with no TV coverage.

Adele Land of Costa Almeria News tells La Voz of a 17 year old who was “inundated” by over 200 requests for help after managing to get filmon via PC onto his TV, and foolishly boasts of this on a local forum.

We learn of a new saying, “a flooded river is the prize of the fisherman”, as La Voz urges greater control over the unregistered sat installers who even now are descending upon the rich foreigners, determined to strip them of their pensions in exchange for substandard TV. A “well known Brit”, later in the article revealed to be Tony Unwin, warns of the danger of €100 internet boxes that don’t work, and supplies the closing joke of the article: “we can use the old dishes to make paella” he chuckles, “with the famous British humour”.

Good stuff. Read it here.

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  1. Well I certainly wasn’t met with a lovely tapa, had to fight to get in the door, then told I had to join a queue to register . I didn’t go for a tapa or a free drink but to find out about what I could do to receive BBC and ITV again. Needless to say I left the building!!!

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