Marks & Sparks make major investment in Spain

Marks & Spencer’s is to make a “major investment” in Spain, opening two massive department stores in Barcelona and Madrid, before rolling out to other locations across Spain.

The British retailer made a humiliating exit from the continent in 2001 when it closed or sold shops in countries including France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and Portugal. They sold off their Spanish stores to El Corte Ingles. However, they kept going with stores in Marbella and the Canary Islands.

The new Madrid and Barcelona stores will be some 5,000 square metres each. They haven’t yet found the locations.

Last year, M&S’s international arm made profits of £120m on sales of £1.1bn.

In the overseas push, the company will open 250 new stores around the world, though the retailer declined to give a breakdown of where and what type of stores they would be.

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  1. Hope we get a M&S in La Zena Boulavard Murcia Im sure it would do very well.

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