Every Andaluz kid to get a free tablet computer!

Far be it from me to accuse the Junta de Andalucia of wasting money (that’s the job of the state budget controller and the EU), but 7.2 million euros giving every brat in Andalucia a free tablet computer?

27.423 students at 6º de Primaria (12 year olds) will receive a free Andalucian tablet, pre loaded with Android and Guadalinex Edu 2013.

Guadalinex is free educational OS developed by the Junta for use in its Guadalinfo free internet offices. It used to be so terrible that the Guadalinfo lot would install Win95, and change the startup screen for the Junta’s logo. Ah, happy times.

The Junta has over the last few years distributed 400,000 free laptops to students, in order to improve speed and access to porn amongst the Andalucian youth.

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