Spain’s 10 most wanted list published

We get a lot of these most wanted Brits abroad posters, so let us pause for a minute and contemplate the ugly mugs of Spain’s real top 10 most wanted.

The Guardia Civil have issued the above delightful photofit, asking citizens to drop them a line if they spot them shopping in Super Turre or where-ever.

If I ever go on the lam, please ensure the cops have a decent photo of me to distribute.
If I ever go on the lam, please ensure the cops have a decent photo of me to distribute.

From left to right they are: María Laura Espínola Ojeda, Gabriel Alejandro Reyes Beltrán, Jorge Simarro Arbiza, Bozijov Kosmakovy, Mahdi El Hadaf, Larbi Kouki, Vasile Lupu, Andriy Lytvyn, Juan Monteagudo Marmol, Raffaele Valleefuoco.

Only one of them is Spanish – the rapist. The rest are foresteros who committed their crimes in Spain and are presumed still to be resident here.

A delightful bunch of cheeky characters who are wanted for:

Rafa and Bozijov are two of Spain’s largest mafiosos and are accused of running multi million euro crime gangs.

Juan Monteagudo is from Cartagena, Murcia and is on the run for raping a number of women. For some reason, just by looking at this chap I guessed he was a) from Murcia and b) a sexual predator. Although I would have said against goats rather than women.

Gabriel and Jorge (also known as El Gordo and Silver Surfer to their friends) are drug runners.

Maria, the only woman on the list, is a murderess, who killed and dismembered her husbands lover – the bits of the body were found near a road.

Mahdi El Hadaf, Larbi Kouki, Vasile Lupu & Andriy Lytvyn are all wanted for murder.

The Guardia confess they have no idea where these people are, but would like to talk to all of them. No reward has been mentioned, but you are advised to call 112 if you know where they are, and don’t get in their way.

Last year, the Guardia Civil’s search unit tracked down and caught 189 fugitives across Spain, of which 24 were on interpol arrest warrants.

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