Algarrobico Judges denounced for abuse of power

The Judges who ruled last week that the land the Algarrobico hotel was built on is urbanisable have had a criminal denuncia for abuse of power filed against them by ecologist groups.

The Junta de Andalucia also said Saturday that it had grave reservations about the ruling, which it said showed “a lack of legal leadership”.

Salvemos Mojácar, which filed the accusation on Saturday, says the the Judges in the case have clearly exceeded their power by going against previous decisions already issued by the same Supreme Court of Andalucia, and that they have clearly been unduly influenced by the promotor – code words for “bribed”, from what I can see.

The complaint, which asks for a criminal investigation into the ruling to be opened by an independent panel of investigating judges, alleges that the four Supreme Court magistrates have clearly violated proceedings and the rule of law in their sentence.

The sentence that was issued last week flew in the face of a decade of legal precedent.  Every court in the land has said that the Hotel Algarrobico in Carboneras is illegal, and was built on protected Natural Park land, and suddenly this ruling pops up saying, actually, it’s fine.

The ruling opens the way for a massive complex of 1,500 homes and a golf course to be built in the same area, as the graphic above shows.

The Junta de Andalucia also said today to El Mundo that it was against the ruling issued by the Supreme Court, and it saw “legal instability and a lack of legal leadership” in the ruling. María Jesús Serrano, Andalusian Minister for planning, said that the ruling flew in the face of legal precedent and serves only to confuse an issue that the Junta hoped was about to be put to rest for good.

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