EU opens corruption investigation into Andalucian budgets

The EU has opened an official investigation to see what’s happened to over €200 million of EU funds that seem to have “vanished” in Andalucia. The corruption investigation looks at how the Junta de Andalucia has been spending the EU funds, which were supposed to go on labour policies and reduction of workplace accidents.

Algarrobico Judges denounced for abuse of power

The Judges who ruled last week that the land the Algarrobico hotel was built on is urbanisable have had a criminal denuncia for abuse of power filed against them by ecologist groups. The Junta de Andalucia also said Saturday that it had grave reservations about the ruling, which it said showed “a lack of legal leadership”.

25,3 million euro Euromillion prize goes to Almería!

Some lucky sod has won €25.329.483 from a Euromillion lottery ticket purchased in Almería city. The ticket was sold in shop 5.085 on Avd Federico García Lorca, which was celebrating over the weekend – a lottery shop which sells a winning ticket is always assured of record sales over the forthcoming weeks as people flock to the “lucky” shop. The winner has not yet come forward. Some years ago, a massive €125 million euro lottery Continue reading 25,3 million euro Euromillion prize goes to Almería!

Roquetas floods in 20 minute storm

Roquetas de Mar suffered a cloudburst yesterday which flooded the place in about 20 minutes. A heavy hailstorm blocked the storm gutters, which lead to water going everywhere. Roquetas is a horrible place in the rain – the whole bottom half of the city just floods, and the storm gutters, such as they are, go from the big new ones to the old small ones, forcing the excess water up in spouts along the avenues. Continue reading Roquetas floods in 20 minute storm

Gadór forest fire burns 3,500 ha of forest and scrub – hydroplane video!

The massive fire above Almería city is out now, and has burnt some 3,500 ha of land. Scrub and pine forest have all gone up in flames. The municipalities of Enix, Alhama de Almería, Santa Fe de Mondújar, Terque & Gádor were all affected. The possible cause was a tree falling onto a power line during the high winds of last week, causing a fire which quickly spread. Here are a couple of videos I Continue reading Gadór forest fire burns 3,500 ha of forest and scrub – hydroplane video!