Army called in to fight forest blaze above Almeria city in Gádor mountains

The blaze in the Sierra de Gádor continues tonight unabated, and high winds of up to 85 kph only served to fan the blaze. As night fell, 50 fire fighting specialists from the Army’s UME (Emergency Military Unit) arrived with heavy fire fighting trucks, to reinforce the more than 200 professional firefighters already in the area.

Algarrobico hotel land is now declared to be BUILDABLE by Supreme Court! What’s going on?

The land the ill fated Algarrobico hotel in Carboneras has now been declared BUILDABLE (urbanizable) in a shock Supreme Court decision. This ruling contradicts a 2012 ruling by the same Supreme Court, which mentioned in passing that the land wasn’t buildable. The promoter of the hotel asked for clarification of this point, which came back yesterday. The same ruling states that:

Mojácar fun run to support Wolfram Syndrome patients this Sunday

A 7km fun run has been organised in Mojácar for sufferers of Wolfram Syndrome this Sunday 30th March. Wolfram syndrome, also called DIDMOAD (Diabetes Insipidus, Diabetes Mellitus, Optic Atrophy, and Deafness), is a rare genetic disorder, causing diabetes mellitus, optic atrophy, and deafness as well as various other possible disorders. The Spanish social security cutbacks means the 45 sufferers of this syndrome across Spain no longer get help with the side effects of this syndrome. Continue reading Mojácar fun run to support Wolfram Syndrome patients this Sunday