Vera + Mojacar make it into The Telegraph’s “top 20 places to live”

The Telegraph mentions Vera & Mojacar as one of its top 20 places to live in the world!

Thanks to Grant Goddard for pointing it out to me.

OK, so the top 20 place to live is actually Andalusia, but our little corner is singled out for special mention (although we’re only technically andaluz, as I keep saying).

The Telegraph says

Moorish architecture, including the Alhambra, sits alongside thousands of churches and pretty fincas. People dance and eat tapas over the strains of flamenco. Away from the tourist traps, this sprawling region of southern Spain offers a life as rich in history, culture and cuisine as anywhere in Europe. The property market has had its woes, but there are a few shoots of recovery. “One area of Andalusia with increasing potential is the northern part of the Almería province, particularly around Vera and Mojácar. Here, there are key infrastructure improvements in the pipeline,” says Sally Veal from the Spain Buying Guide. On the market: Apartments in Vera, close to sandy beaches, from £60,000 with the Overseas Guides Company.

Zapatero sold his beach hut in Vera for more than that, reckon he got out in time! Must have been all the strains of flamenco as he struggle to down his tapas

Even if flamenco accompanied tapas aren’t your thing, our vast beaches, great mountains, unspoilt interior and good road access to places elsewhere should tempt you in. Unless you’re looking for the great British nightlife zones, in which case stick to Benidorm or Marbella. We’re all about the enjoyment of life. With, naturally, easy access to Marmite.

The article in The Telegraph

(That sunrise above, by the way, is the closest I could get to its real colours. Lovely morning it was).

2 Replies to “Vera + Mojacar make it into The Telegraph’s “top 20 places to live””

  1. I live in Turre
    I am often seen dancing
    stuffing my Gob with Tapas
    and listening to Flamenco at all hours of the day or night

    What a patronizing stupid travel brochure description of
    an area

  2. We descoverd Mojacar & Los Gallardos area some 14years ago, we love the area and visit at least twice a year for 8 weeks at a time, I love everything, tapas the beach markets weather the way of life. I have had holidays in many places, but always return to Mojacar, and at 79 years old may we have many more visits to come,

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