More on the Turre “happy slapping” amongst kids

The Guardia Civil have arrested two 13 year olds, and identified a 12 year old, accused of beating up a Romanian kid they were picking on at school in the central square of Turre. (See Turre happy slapping in the hands of the Guardia Civil.) They filmed the attack on their mobiles and sent the video to their mates. This backfired, as the local media and authorities soon got wind of the video and investigated.

All three were Spanish, and had been ganging up on the Romanian for the past year, to such an extent that the parents had moved their child to Mojácar school, as the school in Turre seemed unable to stop the attacks.

However, when out playing, the 12 year old was attacked by these bullies.

Serafin from the farmacía told me that the Guardia had been in asking for his CCTV, or if anyone had been buying bandages, and word around town is that the Sargent of the Guardia Civil post was “livid” about the matter, which he deemed unacceptable. Sargent Andrés seems a nice bloke from when I’ve chatted to him.

The Maria Cacho school in Turre is also coming in for some stick for failing to have stopped this aggression when it was bought to their attention last year.

The two 13 year olds who recorded the attack, have been released into the custody of their parents, will be sent before a special Youth court in the following weeks, accused for failing to assist in an incident. The 12 year old who actually carried out the beating is too young to be arrested by the Guardia, but the matter has been referred back to the Diputacion’s Social Services department for monitoring.

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