Turre “happy slapping” in the hands of the Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil have confirmed that they are investigating, ex oficio (such is Spain – since nobody has complained, the coppers have to have a “reason” to do their job) a serious incident in which a youth was quite seriously “happy slapped” in the centre of Turre, and the images distributed via social media.

A Romanian youth, who it appears has been suffering bullying attacks from a group of other youths in Turre, was near the centre square at the beginning of the week when the bullys appeared and started to jostle him.

This ended up in the youths slapping the Romanian around, and jeering at him, whilst filming the event on their mobiles. The youth ended up curled in a foetal position whilst the kids keep jeering him and kicking him, until the bullys got bored and wandered off.

The Guardia Civil has confirmed that although no complaint has been lodged, they have become aware of the event and have filed their own internal denuncia, allowing their social services department to investigate and file charges.

More on this over at ideal.es

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