Ponce “ripped apart” by bull as bullfight goes wrong

Enrique Ponce, the bullfighter, has suffered severe goring after his bullfight today went badly wrong.

As he plunged the killing stroke into the bull, the animal with its last strength swiped at him and managed to gore him through the chest with its massive horns.

It happened in today’s feria de Fallas at Valencia, the traditional bullfight held during Valencia’s famous las fallas festival.

It appears that the horn entered Ponce’s chest and exited under his left armpit, although he was shaken off the horn when thrown backwards.

Amazingly, and assisted by no-one, Ponce managed to get to his feet and wave at the crowd before loss of blood and shock got him and he collapsed.

Fellow bullfighter Mariano de la Viña pulled him up and supported him as he was dragged to the surgeon. Being carried off by anyone but your closest fighter from the ring is an admission of defeat, a stain that you carry for life, unless you are unconscious – if you can walk, you must.

The crowd went wild as what was left of el maestro de Chiva dragged himself, sustained only by pride, from the ring to the waiting doctors.

The bull was left, of course, to bleed to death in the ring, although Chiva cut both ears. 

A preliminary statement from the local hospital said that he was well but still in intensive care, with many broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a punctured lung and severe bruising.

And a smug knowledge that the next time he limps into a bullring, his blood sport fee has gone even higher.

38 Replies to “Ponce “ripped apart” by bull as bullfight goes wrong”

  1. No, the bullfight went RIGHT – to some extent. It would be 100% right if the scum bullfighter DIED – THAT would make me HAPPY. One less POS. Poor bull – blessings on his torured soul.

  2. Yes, the bullfight did go RIGHT but bullfighting should have been consigned to the dustbin of history long ago. That poor animal was tortured and suffered horribly, for what? It should have been Ponce that died in agony not a majestic animal that was stabbed to death for entertainment. Why doesn’t the EU ban this medieval and disgusting spectacle of recreational violence? The Roman Catholic church in Spain encourages this savagery of God’s creatures. Shame on them and shedloads of plagues and poxes on them !!

  3. All this blood thirsty humans are total idiots,but allowing this is nothing less than CRIMINAL! One must be real psychopath to enjoy this sadist like “entertainment”?! Pathetic humans with pathetic “needs”. I feel sorry for the innocent bull who did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve this horrors of “humanity”! You don’t treat the most notorious criminals like this than, why the animals?

  4. This barbaric sport that belongs to the Middle Ages should be abolished. Bulls’ revenge will come, mark my words.

  5. This is the SHAME of this country. Disgusting and barbaric practice. Like the other comments, it’s a shame the bull didn’t have the energy to complete the job. The world is watching you and your insane cruelties. STOP.

  6. I have no sympathy for the matador -perhaps he will know some of the agony and terror -El- Torro goes through before he dies and- die he will as the cards are stacked against him from the time he enters the bull ring as his lifes blood is already oozing from the wounds the picadores inflict he is- weakened and already- dying when the -brave matador gives the coup de-grace-there is no bravery in this cruel obscene depravity -only shame -shame that a -brave bull was tortured and died a painful death .
    What a sham -Spain is a catholic country -the Pope has taken the name of the Saint for animals St,Francis of Assisi and -he condones this brutality -by not doing -anything to stop it -I am glad -El- Torro got one in before he died -Karma.

  7. It is wrong to desire or applaud the pain of a fellow human being, but what if that fellow human being is a disgrace to our species, a disgrace to what we call civilisation, a travesty of everything men could aspire to be? I can only hope that this miserable imbecile never again makes it to the arena, never again finds false glory in fighting a battle that is unfair and unequal from the start. “The bull was left, of course, to bleed to death in the ring, although Chiva cut both ears.” In all fairness, the poor excuse for a man that killed the bull should have been left there with his victim.

  8. I hope the human is handicapped for life. Why anyone enters this sport or watches it is beyond me. I wish every bull fight ended with the bull the victor. Every post here shows what people think of this horrible event.

  9. I was hoping the bullfighter might have met a similar faith that he inflicted upon the bull…This is a barbaric ritual with no place in a modern society. Shame on everyone who participates.

  10. “ripped apart by Bull”. that is a bit dramatic, considering the CRETINOUS BASTARD was killing the Bull! The savage UNFORTUNATELY survived, the Bull was left to bleed to death. Who was the real victim here?!?

  11. I wish this bull’s horn pieced this c*nt’s heart and he died on the spot. This inbred piece of subhuman filth must suffer a severe stroke and DIE while in hospital so the bull’s spirit can meet this piece of filth on the other side and finish him off properly.

  12. He cut the 2 ears of the bull and they let the bull bleed to death. The bull broke his ribs and punctured his lung. The bull won, they should have left the matador bleed to death too. That would make it a fair “sport”. Shame on the people who still allow this barbaric acts. But even more shame to those who go watch it and support it. Want a good match put both of them in the bull ring with no weapons but the ones nature gave them and lets see if the “matador” is to brave without his sword.

  13. I also hate corridas and I am happy when the torero is hurt by this poor animal who has been tortured by this cruel man.
    We are no more at the time of roman games!

  14. carma from the Mother Earth you have betrayed for your entertainment. May you die the way you have murdered your friendly horned brothers.

  15. That is more justice served than he would have received in jail. I do not wish harm on any living animal but the guy got what he deserved.

  16. Good enough for the matador. Pity he didn’t die. The torture they put those animals through is sickening.
    I hope he is maimed for life. And they call that sport.

  17. What a bunch of fuckheads some people are especially about this sport.this sport has been going for hundreds of years and its the risk the matador takes when he enters the ring.notice that most comments were from females who just wanted to talk shit about the sport.fuckwits

  18. Karma came quickly. POS. When are they going to stop this barbaric type of killing to these animals. El Matador got what he deserved.

  19. All the comments about how the bull was tortured makes me laugh…I don’t hear people shouting about how animals are slaughtered and left in agony to bleed to death by the muslims….for those that don’t know what i am on about google halal slaughter….then start shouting….

  20. Some lift up humanity…others, like anonymous foulmouth and petemeat push it down. Sport? BS! The worst of human behavior!

  21. Most probably, this will somehow, twistedly become another justification for “let’s kill the beasts” even more. People are so demented! This will continue to reign as not only an acceptable form of entertainment, but also a necessary one. Ugh!


  23. Wahnsinn, diese Stierkämpfe!!!!!!
    Alle Torreros sollten aufgespießt werden.
    Die armen Tiere. Was sind das nur für perverse Menschen, die sich daran ergötzen.


  25. The bullfighter got what he deserved! Although death should be his scentance.
    The bull wss fighting for his life, desperate and tourtured. Ponce is not a human being! A bully and a coward to torture and fight an animal.stick some horns on his head and stick him in a ring with me!! Then I will show him fear!!!!!

  26. Let’s be honest. He had it coming. Too bad the bull couldn’t get another one in for good measure.

  27. Ban this cruel sport, or put the sports minister in as the matador, perhaps they would then change their minds about it

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