Tejero’s son fired for celebrating 23-F with Daddy

Now, if you understand the headline, congratulations! You’re fully integrated into Spanish society. If you didn’t, then read on.

Antonio Tejero is the Guardia Civil Colonel who stormed into the Spanish Parliament on the 23rd of Feb 1981 and tried to carry out a coup d^état, a coup that was only stopped by the refusal of King Juancar to support the rebels.

Tejero, who at the end of the day was only really a figurehead for the big boys behind the coup, spent a few years under house arrest before quietly being released on a state pension and sent to live in Melilla out of the way, where he remains.

His son, also called Antonio Tejero, is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Guardia Civil, actually head of the elite GRS squad in Madrid (no idea what they do).

Antonio is in hot water for having a little celebration with Daddy celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the attempted coup, in which several guests, including several of the rebels, all got together for a massive pissup.

The press got wind of this, and a fuss has ensued.

It ended today, when Tejero was removed from his office and placed on disciplinary leave pending a full inquiry. It’s difficult to fire a Guardia Civil officer, it requires a full National Audience board of inquiry, but what’s happened to Tejero is the closest they can get to it.

Tejero, naturally, says it was simply a family get together and he’s a victim of the liberal left wing press. He may be right, who knows?

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