PP-PSOE establish a “hotline” and joint working group against Catalan independence

The PP and the PSOE are believed to have formed a joint working group of top brass, together with a direct “hotline” between the leaders of both parties, with the sole intention of presenting a united front against Catalan independence.

Rajoy has publicly said that he will not go down in history as the PM who allowed Spain to fracture, and Rubalcaba (the PSOE leader of the opposition) is as firmly opposed to any talk of independence.

Ramón Jaúregui, number two on the PSOE EU list, has been appointed head of the PSOE task force, together with Jordí Moragas for the PP. Part of their task will be to lobby other EU states in Brussels to stop anyone backing the Catalans.

But with both main national parties refusing to even discuss the possibility of more autonomy for the Catalan region, the nationalist block there are throwing wood on the fire by simply sitting back and allowing Madrid to come across as a bunch of jack booted franquistas to the average voter in the region.

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  1. So true… thanks God someone can see it, socialists and conservatives, all united showing their lack of democratic spirit… more reasons for Catalonia to want to leave them behind !

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