Franco’s grandson arrested for try to run over Guardia Civil officers

Francisco Franco Martínez-Bordiú, the black sheep of the Franco family (errr…… hang on?) has been charged by a Judge and arrested for dangerous driving and attacking two Guardia Civil officers.

The event happened on the 30th of April 2012, but has been winding its long way through the courts.

The Judge in the town of Calamocha, Aragon, now thinks there is sufficient evidence to charge the grandson of the Spanish Dictator.

At 7am, a Guardia Civil patrol vehicle spotted a Toyota Hilux pickup being driven erratically and with no lights, and gave chase.

The chase went on for kilometres, with the Guardia Civil afraid to get too close because of the dangerous driving going on. So they radioed ahead and arranged a roadblock.

However, the Toyota ploughed into the roadblock, smashing one of the Guardia Civil cars off the side of the road, with two officers inside. Neither were seriously hurt. The Toyota was later found abandoned in a nearby forest.

Police investigations lead them to conclude that Fran was the driver for the following reasons, according to the El Periódico de Aragon:

The car was a leasing in his name, several of the Guardia Civil officers saw and recognised him (he’s a famous face in Spain), several witnesses have come forwards to say that they’d been out on the lash with him and he’d been driving the vehicle that night, and his mobile phone was in the car during the police chase (they tracked the signals).

However, Spain being Spain, and Fran being a good ole boy, it’s taken almost two years just to press charges, so don’t expect too much to happen too soon.

See where Francisco Franco Martínez-Bordiú comes in the Franco family pecking order here in Whatever happened to the Franco family?

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