“Unilateral independence still on the cards” warns Catalan President

Más of Catalonia warned last night that he refuses to rule out the possibility of “unilateral independence” for the region if Madrid continues to refuse to discuss greater autonomy for Barcelona.

“It’s not our first option, or the best one, nor the one we want. But it is still our last resort” he warned Madrid.

Más announced on Thursday that he would call a referendum on greater autonomy for the region in November, against the wishes, desires and, indeed, direct orders from Madrid, who say the consultation is illegal and won’t be permitted.

Madrid seems hell-bent on actually forcing Barcelona out of Spain by refusing to even discuss the problems Catalonia keeps bringing up. The nationalists greatest asset at the moment is the hide bound traditionalist cacique mentality of the Old Guard in Madrid – by refusing to even allow a poll consulting the electorate, they’re playing into the hands of the nationalists and really annoying the Catalonians.

Más himself keeps warning Madrid of this. He said yesterday that “voting is not a dangerous act, but the prohibition of any vote in a democratic process is the dangerous (and provocative) act”.

The 9-N (9th of November vote, as it’s now called) will ask Catalonians if they wish greater autonomy for their region. If the vote passes, the regional government will enact a bill requesting more rights and semi-independence, especially in tax matters, from Madrid.

Madrid has already warned it won’t permit or recognise this vote.

La crisis has caused an upswell in nationalist feeling across Spains richest region, as they feel they are having to foot the bill for the rest of the nation, as well as paying for the corruption and theft that’s rampant in most of Spain.

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