Dodgy gas installers nicked – over 2,500 elderly conned

You know those kind souls from the “gas company” that knock on your door and charge you a vast amount to change the regulator on your gas bottle?

A whole bunch of them got arrested nationally yesterday. Not for ripping off over 2,500 main pensioners, or demanding money with menaces, but for defrauding the revenue.

Taking advantage of the vulnerable isn’t a crime in Spain, it seems, as long as your accounts are in order. In fact, the gas scam is a popular part of the Spanish popular culture.

It seems they’ve created over 60 companies nationally, to bill the poor unfortunates who open the doors, but never bothered to file the accounts or pay social security. Four million euros worth of back taxes are now due, it seems, and 12 people in the clink.

The Police remind citizens that if they suspect a “gas inspector” is bogus, they can always call them on 091 to check.

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