Pulpí paedophile paediatrician arrested in Colombia after fleeing arrest in Almería

A paediatrician doctor who worked in Pulpí (Almería) has been arrested on paedophilia charges in his native Colombia.

Dr Carlos Alexander Rodríguez Linares fled back to his homeland after police in Almería investigated him for sexual crimes against child patients of his.

The disgraced doctor is arrested by the National Police of Colombia

The National Police collected sufficient evidence to issue an international search warrant for him, and he was tracked down to his hometown of Bucaramanga in Colombia (South America).

He now faces extradition back to Almería to face charges of sexually abusing 6 boys of between 7 and 13 years of age, all patients of his whilst he worked at the Pulpí centro de salud.

Questions are now being asked after Ideal newspaper reported the doctor had faced accusation in Colombia in 2005 that he had sexually abused up to four children at his clinic there. He was struck off, but managed to evade arrest and started a new life in Spain with the Andalusian Health Service. He had been sentenced to 39 months in prison by a Colombian judge.

The courts in Bucaramanga must now decide whether he must serve the four years he faces under Colombian law for his previous conviction plus fleeing the country, or be extradited immediately to Spain.


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