Murcia “farm of horrors” raided by police

A Murcian rancher is in jail after police raided his farm and discovered many malnutrition and dying animals.

As part of “Operation Dieta”, a crackdown on pet abuse across the Region, police had been investigating smallholders to see if they were keeping their animals in good condition when they stumbled across the farm in Molina de Segura.Seprona, the environmental arm of the Guardia Civil, acting on complaints from the neighbours, obtained a search warrant and discovered what they described as the worse case of animal neglect they’d seen for years.

The animals were tied up or abandoned inside some outhouses, and were dying of starvation. Vets from the townhall of Molina de Segura helped the Guardia remove two donkeys, three pigs, two goats and poultry from the farm and took them to the Centro de Zoonosis de Molina de Segura for treatment.

A large number of bones and dead animals were also found, proof that the owner had been allowing his animals to starve to death.

The Guardia Civil have arrested the owner on several charges of animal abuse under the Animal Protection Act of Murcia region and he will be up before the beak shortly.

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