Sexists farmers ads gets the wind up in Almeria

Farmers! Fancy something better than just a powder? Ask for Isperss! roar the billboards (sporting a winking beauty) selling insecticide to farmers around Almeria and El Ejido.

The controversy is only apparent when you realise that polvo doesn’t just mean a powder, but is also slang for a quick one round the back of the bike sheds.

They’ve caused quite a fuss, with the ads being called offensive and sexist by groups across the nation.

The company behind the ads, Cequisa, say they’re stunned by the reaction, but that they had no intention of disrespecting women. In fact, Juan Lopera, head of marketing, told that a woman came up with the idea in the first place.

Given the fact that the stereotype is that most of these small farms around El Ejido are owned by brothel frequenting overweight peasants who’d lust over anything in a skirt, the ad probably seemed quite cunning.

The sexist billboard – fancy a quickie?

Cequisa told EFE they wouldn’t remove the ads unless they received an official complaint, as they consider them to be lawful and effective.

Several groups have already complained to the Junta’s female protection agency which is considering whether to press charge under the sexual equalities act.


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