Abortion worse than the Spanish Civil War reckons the Church

Abortion has caused more pain, suffering and death in Spain than the Civil War, claimed the Bishop of Alcalá de Henares yesterday.

Juan Antonio Reig Pla said it was a silent holocaust, and that all political parties and people of faith must join together to ensure abortion is banned.

“Liberty of Women cannot be corrupted by defending the Right to Decide” he proclaimed. Nobody is quite sure what he’s on about. See if you can work it out. It sounds suspiciously as if he’s trying to take away female rights by saying they are free, a little logic trick the misogynistic Catholic Church excels at.

“the liberty of women, as an intelligent dynamic [being], is a freedom gifted to us [by God] and this cannot be corrupted by despotically affirming the right to decide, the right to end with the engendered child”  he proclaimed at the Jornada Mariana por la Familia y la Vida in Madrid.

He added that society “devalues women by placing [her] as champion of the destruction of life”.

“Since 1985 [when abortion was made legal] two million people have been murdered under the abortion law, a far greater number than under the Civil War, and more pain and suffering caused” he thundered.

Oh, shut up already. I was going to put up a photo of the old pedo, but I couldn’t be bothered.

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  1. Is he trying, by a roundabout route, to justify the church’s support of the Nationalists in the civil war?

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