Barcelona bans all bullfight related festivals

Barcelona city council, having banned bullfighting back in 2012, is going a step further and banning the simulation of bull fighting, as well as all festivals involving bulls.

The prohibition means that mock bull fights which involve teasing or distressing the animal are banned, as are corridas or any public spectacle which involves the death of the animal.

Also banned are those traditional implements of torture used during the bullfight, la pica, la banderilla and the estoque.

The new bylaws for the Protection, Care of and Sale of Animals also imposes stiff fines on citizens who don’t clean up after their pets in public, who leave their pets unattended for more than 12 hours or who do not care for their pets in a proper manner.

So “mock” bullfights, in which the animal isn’t actually killed, will also be banned. Jordi Martí, some bigwig, clarified that authorisations would be granted for exceptional circumstances, such as film-making, if for a clear purpose and under strict supervision. Incurring stress or hurt to the animal during these licensed acts would incur a fine of up to 2,000€ per incident.

Wild animals will also be banned from captivity for the purposes of exhibition.

A more wide ranging animal protection act is currently going through the regional parliament, which will ban the use of live animals in circus shows.

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