200 million euro upgrade for Carboneras power plant

Enel-Endesa is to pump 200 million euros into the Carboneras power plant to bring it up to new EU standards.

The coal fired power plant needs a new thingie to comply with CO2 regulations which are coming into force in 2016, and so 800 jobs will be created to build the aforementioned thingie.

Work will take about a year and a half, although not that many local jobs are expected to be created, as most of the staff will be technical and engineers from other parts of Spain. No doubt a few locals will be employed as navvies and whatnots.

The Carboneras coal plant was supposed to have a life of just 25 years, but is now over 30 years old and still belching well. If you look out to sea on a fine day you can see the pollution cloud stretching out to sea.

Ecologistas en Accion reckons the plant could be killing 111 people a year in the province.

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