One of the Albox Mafia arrested – but for drink driving!

You’ll remember that last week the Albox Mayor lodged a criminal complaint against a group of blackmailers, extortioners and general mafiosos in his village, as he claims the local shopkeepers are too scared to speak up.

Anyway, one of the two main suspects, a gypsy from the Los Pertolos clan, known as RRT in the press, was arrested over the weekend.

For drink driving, no less.

They haven’t been able to get this lowlife on charges of:

homicide, murder, vandalism, hooligalism, public health violations,  threatening behaviour, extortion, racketeering or blackmail ;

But by gum, get behind the wheel of a car after one soberano too many and it’s the clink for you.

When stopped, he was “aggressive” and tried to take a swing at the copper, but drunkenly missed and fell over.

The bloke is a notorious drunk, who on his last rampage through the village used a large knife to slash the wheels of 15 cars, broke several windows and threatened the Guardia who turned up.

Due to his previous drink driving convictions, the local magistrate has remanded him in custody until a trial can be arranged.

Via which is taking a certain interest in the case.

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