750 euro fine for letting your dog bark or foul the pavement

After a strong residents petition, the Madrid suburb of Pinto has passed a new bylaw meaning pet owners could be fined 750€ for letting their dog bark all night, roam free or not picking up their mess on the pavement.

You can be fined up to 1,500 euros for not disposing of your dead pet responsibly (one imagines the good citizens of Pinto were not, up to now, in the habit of tossing their dead dogs over the neighbours fence, but still…)

And there will be fines of up to 3,000 euros if your pet causes a danger to traffic, distracts drivers, or if you fail to seek veterinary assistance for an ill pet.

The new bylaw was drawn up after a residents petition resulted in more than 300 citizen suggestions were submitted to the townhall.

There seems to be a growing tendency on behalf of townhalls across Spain to start strongly regulating proper pet owner behaviour, kicked off by the savage animal protection law we saw in Vitoria last year.

Via 20minutos.es

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