Princess Cristina could be charged as “accomplice” to theft

Princess Cristina of Spain could be charged as an “accomplice” to the theft of millions of euros of tax payers money.

Judge José Castro, who controversially interviewed her under oath about her implication in the theft of millions of euros by her husband Inaki Urdangarin, thinks Inaki couldn’t have carried out the alleged theft without her help.

Since he probably can’t get the Infanta on tax evasion and corruption charges, he’s going for the lesser charge of helping her husband to conspire.

She gave an interview to the Judge recently which contained over a thousand questions, about half of which she replied with a “I don’t remember” or “I don’t know” (see Judge gets angry with Princess Cristina)

His charges are based on the fact that Inake “couldn’t have done what he did without her help and cooperation”.

Inaki channelled millions of tax payers money through his false companies, avoid paying tax on the cash, for false services which were never carried out. Corrupt politicians in the Balearic Isles signed off on contracts to the Royal Couple, and in return received a kickback. Or, those are the allegations.

Inaki was also covered by the fact that the Spanish tax Office has a separate computing system for the Royal Family and senior politicians. If they are flagged up in the tax system, the problem is at once kicked upstairs for “dealing with”. Well, quite.


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