Turre Church commits blasphemy – shows Jesus in Mary’s womb!

It’s a bizarre story from Ideal.es that I hadn’t heard before- a local gynaecologist has repaired a stained glass window at Turre church, and inserted a picture of Jesus in Mary’s womb.

Dr. Blas Carrillo, local of the town and a gynaecologist, had the idea and went ahead with it. Whether our overly rotund priest was informed of this before he did it, I do not know.

Jesus in the womb

Dr Blas says it’s the first time in 2000 years that a Catholic Church has dared show such an image.He’s been interviewed by press from Germany to Argentina, he claims.

Turre Church is supposed to date from the 16th century, after the Moors were kicked out of Mojacar and Turre was founded on the supply line back to Vera.

When did this window get broken?

What the old dears who make up most of old fattys congregation make of it all, I do not know.

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