200 euro fine for bloke who threw dog at referee

The chap who famously threw a dog at a referee recently at a football match in Olula del Rio has been fined 200 euros by the local courts.

He’s also agreed to cover the costs of the vet bills for the dog.

As the dog wasn’t hurt, as witnessed by the vet, the Judge decided prosecution under animal protection laws wasn’t necessary, although witnesses said the animal was knocked unconscious by the fall of four metres.

Animal charities had warned that if the animal had been hurt, he could have been looking at a jail term of one year.

It was a Yorkshire Terrier, I’m told.

The Euro Weekly News, for some reason, has been celebrating this wanton piece of animal abuse for bringing Almería to the attention of the world, which frankly baffles me, and ran an apologetic piece on the animal abuser on their frontpage this week.

Ideal Almeria has a video of the incident here. Poor little thing.

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