Princess Cristina: Hubbie makes the cash, I just look after the kids

Judge Castro, who cross examined Princess Cristina recently about her involvement in the corruption case, got so exasperated by her constant “I don’t remember” that he eventually snapped and got sarky with Her Highness.

The information comes from the official transcript which has been released in leiu of allowing reporters into the courtroom to record. Princess Cristina comes across as a bit of dippy blonde, something her lawyers and PR team have no doubt spent the last few weeks teaching her to be.

When asked about whether she received dance classes, allegedly paid for with taxpayers cash funnelled through her societies, she used her normal answer of “don’t know”.

“Maybe we did learn to dance flamenco and merengue but I don’t remember”.

“I remember dance lessons from 30 years ago, but you can’t remember your finances from last year?” he barked at the Princess.

Slightly abashed, the Princess admitted to having received flamenco classes when a child, but continued to deny any memory of having recently had classes.

Cristina was asked a total of 1063 questions, of which she basically refused to answer over 600. She used 11 different ways of saying “I don’t remember”.

The most popular answer was no sé (don’t know) used 223 times, followed by the slightly more formally no lo sé (I don’t know it), 189 times.

She presented herself to the Judge as an innocent housewife, telling him “I allowed my husband to look after the finances of the family, my only occupation or worry was to take care of our children”.

She added that “we never discussed work or finances at home, we didn’t want to bring that into our personal lives”.

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