Mojacar Mayor must take WHOPPING pay cut under new law

Our local newspaper Actualidad Almanzora reveals that Mayor of Mojacar RosMari must take a whopping 5000 euro paycut under the new law governing the salaries of politicians.

She currently earns 50.400 euros a year, after she voted herself a massive 42% recently. Under the new law, she can’t earn any more than 45.000 euros.

Mojacar has 8360 residents, so she costs los mojaqueros…. about 6 euros per head.

How much is 5.400 euros, really? Well, it’s almost minimum wage for a year (about 8.9 k).

Mojacar townhall spends an incredible 220,000 euros a year paying for four full time politicians and 2 half time politicians. One of these politicians must be fired under the new law.

It’s the largest salary amount in the Levante, and RosMari is the only Mayor who has to take a paycut under the law.

In 2013, 135 people worked for Mojacar townhall, costing over €11 million euros (read my analysis here).

Actualidad Almanzora has a damn good analysis of the states of the different townhalls in the Levante over here (in Spanish), or pick up your local copy.

I might as well point out that the law doesn’t stipulate any limits on how much you can be paid in expenses for just turning up to townhall meetings. Also see Mayor pay capped for more on the new law.

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