Sean Connery cleared in Marbella corruption case but wife prosecution continues

The Judge investigating the “Goldfinger” case, in which beloved Scottish grandfatherly actor Sean Connery and his wife stand accused of illegally building homes in Marbella, has dropped the charges against Sean.

However, charges against his wife continue to stand.

Sean Connery owned a luxury villa in Marbella which was a tad large (and a bit got knocked down by court order). His chalet was owned by a company called Malibú, SA, which together seems to be linked with another company called By the Sea, SA. Together, these companies are accused to illegally building dozens of luxury homes in Marbella and selling them to third parties.

16 people continue to be on trial in the “Goldfinger” case, including a lawyer who used to represent Sean’s Spanish interests and the ex-Mayor, Julian Muñoz.

Sean refused to come back to Spain to face the allegations, but instead voluntarily agreed to reply to a series of questions tabled by the Spanish judge, and put to him by the police in Barbados.

After receiving this disposition, the Judge has ordered the charges against him be dropped, or archived.

Charges against his wife remain.

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