Movistar to bring ultra high speed internet to Andalusia

Just in time for the big expat telly switch off!
Movistar has announced plans to spend some 500 million euros bringing high speed data connections to Andalusia, starting very soon.

The company plans to invest some 200 million in developing new high-speed fibre and 4G networks in the southern Spanish region of Andalucia.

The operator has also pledged to invest a further 300 million in network maintenance and new equipment.

The whole operation will see some 5,000 temporary jobs created in the region over the coming months.

Movistar currently offers fibre broadband services in 200,000 households in Andalucia thanks to an fiber option rollout begun in 2013, but coverage will be extended to a total of 1 million households in the region’s main cities by the end of the year. The operator previously announced plans to launch fibre services in 7.1 million Spanish households by December 2014.

Sadly, after a check on Movistars website, neither Turre nor Los Gallardos currently offer anything better than basic ADSL. I’m supposed to be on a 10Mbs contract… never get past 2, about the same as on the 3Mbs contract at the office, surprisingly.

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  1. Dear David,

    Since this is an older article, I wantedd to ask if things have imporved since? We are looking for a place in Andalucia but we rely on good internet for our work. The place we have in mind has adsl connection, but we have no clue what the maximum speed is. It’s in the region of Alemeria, just outside the village of Bedar.

  2. Expect pretty crappy internet. That said, a radio broadband from one of the many local companies may be better for you, they provide up to 20mbps. The trouble is that they tend to crash and not give service for days at a time. Ask on the local internet forums to see who’s giving good service currently

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