Central grant database planned as part of national fight against corruption

Madrid has announced plans to create a giant central database in which every single grant and subsidy underwritten by public funds will be published. From townhall to national government, public body to state owned company, if they’re offering citizens a chance to grab some taxpayers cash, it’ll go online in this database. Assuming they actually go ahead with this, and it works, it will be a useful step forwards.

3 nicked for robbing 14 second homes in Cuevas area

2 residents of Vera and one of Garrucha have been nicked by the rozzers after they burgled at least 14 houses used as second homes in the Cuevas and Pulpi areas. The Guardia Civil say they were highly organised and carefully scoped out their targets over a series of days, before picking only the best homes and emptying them in a quickfire nighttime raid once they were sure the home was empty.  

Movistar to bring ultra high speed internet to Andalusia

Just in time for the big expat telly switch off! Movistar has announced plans to spend some 500 million euros bringing high speed data connections to Andalusia, starting very soon. The company plans to invest some 200 million in developing new high-speed fibre and 4G networks in the southern Spanish region of Andalucia. The operator has also pledged to invest a further 300 million in network maintenance and new equipment. The whole operation will see Continue reading Movistar to bring ultra high speed internet to Andalusia