Cajamar lends DCoop fruit 110 million euros at 1.5% interest

(It’s worth pointing out that the president of DCoop, Antonio Luque, is a Vice President at Cajamar).

Not that anybody is suggesting a conflict of interests or anything, but even Antonio himself couldn’t believe his good luck: he told local media that “it was a fantastic rate, no other bank could come close”.

Well, when it’s the same bloke asking and giving other peoples money

No, that’s unfair, I’m sure the credit was properly risk assessed and delivered properly. (Sally Bercow has taught me not to risk a smiley face just here).

DCoop is a massive fruit and veg cooperative, based out of Almeria but which includes farmers from the whole of the east of Andalusia. It expects to sell, for example, 260 million kilos of olive oil this year.

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