Albox Council votes to kick blackmailing gypsies out of town

More emerges on the Albox blackmailing case: the council will ask a court to kick the offenders out of town, or failing that, impose a massive restraining order on them.

It seems there’s a big gypsy clan up there called Los Pertolos. A nasty little clan by all accounts, who over the last year have been dabbling in a bit of blackmail, protection racket and extortion. They’re fairly famous – ask any local bartender up there, just for the fun of watching his face go white and him shush you.

Los Pertolos is an ancient clan of Albox gypsies. They’ve been waging a constant war against another clan, los Franceses for decades –  it seems they first came to the attention of the Guardia Civil almost 90 years ago after a shootout in the town centre. I’ve got an article about it somewhere, I shall hunt it up.

Anyway, the Local Police, despite knowing full well what’s happening, can’t get anyone to testify, because they’re all terrified. So the Council has decided to file a criminal complaint on behalf of the town, submit all the evidence they have, and appear as witness for the prosecution.

It’s a strong move, but not without precedent I’m told. The Council can act on behalf of the town in a criminal prosecution of this nature.

As well as the usual jail sentences, the Council will be asking for the offenders to be banned from entering Albox town, which in effect is asking for them to be deported from town.

The Mayor says that he will not allow a small group of people to act in this manner, and adds that a number of businesses have preferred to close down than continue paying the protection money. He’s hopeful that now this measure has been taken, local residents will be willing to stand up and “tell the truth” in court.

Anyway, no response so far from Los Pertolos. Are they truly mafiosos or just a bunch of over excited drug pushers who saw a new business opportunity? The kneecaps of the Mayor will tell!

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