Sean Connery denies Marbella urban abuse case (The Goldfinger case)

I did not have relations with that man screams the Spanish press. Further investigation reveals they mean business relations, and they’re talking about Jesús Gil, the Man who Made Marbella.

Sean Connery owned a luxury villa in Marbella which was a tad large (and a bit got knocked down by court order). His chalet was owned by a company called Malibú, SA, which together seems to be linked with another company called By the Sea, SA. Together, these companies are accused to illegally building dozens of luxury homes in Marbella and selling them to third parties.

Sean Connery was implicated as an investor, but he denies the allegations. He also denies having ever met that famous roll call of Marbella crooks, Jesus Gil, Julian Muñoz, Juan Roca…. or the rest of the them.

Sean currently lives in Barbados, and he’s refused to come back to Spain to testify. Instead, he made a voluntary declaration to the police in Barbados who put a series of questions from the investigating Spanish Judge to him.

Sean said the only time he had any relations with Gil is when he ordered his lawyers to threaten a lawsuit after he found out Gil had been using his image without his permission in an election video. He also added that he currently has no links with Spain, is innocent of the charges, and has no intention of submitting himself to a witch-hunt in a country which has no power over him.

17 people are on trial in the “Goldfinger” case, including a lawyer who used to represent Sean’s Spanish interests.

The Judge must now decide, based on the declarations and those of the witnesses, if there is sufficient evidence to request the extradition of Connery from Barbados to Spain.

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