New leader of the Andalusian PP “Probably lied” about his education

Two of Spains’ leading economists, Luis Garicano & Jesús Fernández-Villaverde, launched an amazing attack on the new leader of the Andalucian PP, José Manuel Moreno Bonilla, saying that his supposed education qualifications are “improbable” if not downright impossible.In an article on ¿Hay Derecho?, the two economists pour scorn upon José’s supposed degrees, saying that “If anyone had given us this CV as a hypothetical example of where a politician can end up, we’d have dismissed it as absurd”.

They continue to say that he’s either lying, has junk diplomas or hasn’t done a days work in Government.

José Manuel was Secretary of State at the National Health Ministry until Mariano Rajoy this week overruled the Andalusian PP party and appointed him as leader.

However, his CV suggests that he’s completed a whole bunch of university level degrees, courses and an MBA whilst sitting near the very top of the National Government.

“The day has 24 hours in it for everyone” comment the economists drily, and they fail to see how he can have carried out his public duty whilst learning so much.

In his CV he claims to have:

Completed an MBA whilst being Secretary of State;

Completed a three year degree in “Protocol and Event Organisation” in the Universidad Camilo José Cela de Madrid whilst being a national MP;

Have a Master in Dirección y Administración de Empresas from EADE, Master in Programa par el Liderazgo en la Administración Pública (IESE) and Golden  Master from the Real Forum de Alta Dirección, something which the economists say is impossible, because these three coincide with the MBA and being Secretary of State.

In fact, the above courses are intensive university level attendance courses, so he must have been bunking off work to do it. He’s also confusing the terms on the Ministry’s webpage, calling some courses MBA’s and others Masters, when they aren’t.

The economists drily say that José is a career politician who has never earnt a job in his life, but always been promoted by his politician masters. Also, that being an “event organiser”, whilst no doubt an important job, is hardly sufficient qualification to lead the largest autonomous community of Spain.

There’s an excellent theory which basically says that people are always promoted one level above their competence level (and never get promoted again)…..

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