Berja has erotic tapa route this weekend

Berja (other side of Almeria city) is celebrating Valentines Day by organising an erotic tapa route. apparently it’s the second one – people were bored with the usual tapas route, so they changed the date to the weekend nearest the 14th and called it sexy tapas.

It’s your usual townhall sponsored tapa route, with all the bars competing to come up with the best tapa, and a little guide, but with a sexy twist.

Cue many puns which are borderline offensive, especially when it comes to the names of the tapas.

I’m still wondering about “grandma also smokes“…. although establishment Nº 18 pushes the good taste boundary with spark the mussel (mussel being local slang for the female, ah-hem, genitalia).

Here’s the route, and see how many bad puns you can spot in under three minutes.


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